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PVC Wall Panel Machine Be Shipped To Middle East Country

PVC Wall Panel Machine Be Shipped To Middle East Country

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After the joint efforts of our team, the PVC wall panel manufacturing machines was suspected smoothly within the delivery time and be shipped today. This production lines consists of a twin-screw extruders, die and calibration molds, water cooling tables, lamination machines, hauling off, cutters, 500/1000 hot and cold PVC mixer, 500 Plastic milling machine, and 500 plastic crusher.

PVC wall panel machine

Eans Machinery is a professional manufacturer of plastic extruder machines and other auxiliary machines. We are specializing in the production, research, and sales of plastic production lines, we provide one-stop services for domestic and foreign customers, including plant planning, machinery supply, on-site installation, equipment commissioning, staff training, and a series of services, so that customers can easily realize their plant construction plans. Our company's main products include PVC ceiling wall panel production line, PVC imitation marble board production line, UPVC PVC profile production line, PVCPEPPR pipe extruder production line, PVC edge banding production line, SPCLVT floor production line, WPC wood plastic production line, and other related plastic equipment. The company has won a good reputation and recognized by the industry through its honest service attitude and superb technical ability. 

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