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PVC Window Blinds Making Machine from China

PVC Window Blinds Making Machine from China

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PVC shutters/blinds are welded-free and integrated assembly process, simple to manufacture, and easy to install. 

Through the process of fully automatic extrusion and embossing, high-quality, high-strength PVC blades are produced. Compared with traditional aluminum alloy shutters and PVC blades, the cost is reduced and the strength is increased, the assembly speed is fast, the construction period is short, and the materials can be cut directly to the construction site and assembled on site.

Eans Machinery owns over a 2000 square meter workshop and a professional engineer and sales team, we provide a complete solution,  installation, training, and long-life after-sales service. 

Our main products including WPC fluted wall panel making machine, WPC decking fence making machine, WPC profile extrusion machine, PVC ceiling wall panel making machine, PVC window and door profile making machine, PVC door board making machine, PVC window blinds machine, PS photo frame making machine, PVC marble sheet making machine, SPC flooring making machine, PVC WPC foam board making machine, PVC edge banding making machine and so on.

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