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US Customer Inspected WPC Decking Making Machine From Eans Machinery

US Customer Inspected WPC Decking Making Machine From Eans Machinery

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September this year, US customer purchased Complete set of WPC decking making machine from Eans machinery. The whole production line include: grinder, high speed mixer, extruder, mold, cooling table, haul off, cutter and so on.

WPC decking extrusion machine

After the professional production of all employees, the plastic sheet board extrusion line was completed earlier this month. American customers came to our factory to inspect all equipments, Our customers were quite satisfied with our machines and service and they look forward to next cooperation.

WPC deck making machine

The production line is fully mixed with raw materials such as PVC, PP, PE, PS and other plastics and plant fibers. It adopts high-efficiency conical twin-screw extrusion and forced cooling system for extrusion molding.

WPC decking making machine line from Eans Machinery,  be used to produce WPC fence / decking flooring with different section shape and height, it can also produce great wall creation WPC board panel by changing the mould. 

WPC outdoor board making machine

The produced WPC board is green and environmentally friendly, non-slip, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. It is suitable for wood processing and can be recycled.

This has been at the heart of the company since it was founded in 2002 by utilizing many years of knowledge and experience, all our product of PVC ceiling wall panel production line, PVC WPC profile making machine, PVC door and window frame extrusion line, SPC flooring extrusion line, PVC marble sheet making line, PVC edge banding making machine well as turnkey managed projects.


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