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PVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion Machine Production Line PVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion Machine Production Line

PVC ceiling panel extrusion machine production line produce PVC ceiling panel,the width of PVC ceiling panel can be 200mm,250mm,300mm,400mm and 600*600mm.The surface of PVC ceiling panel can be treated by two colors printing or hot stamping.

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  • Model: 51/105,55/110,65/132
  • Brand: Eans
  • Code: E55
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Machine running video of PVC ceiling panel extrusion machine:

PVC ceiling panel extrusion machine production line is utilized to make PVC ceiling panel, PVC wall panel with width normally from 200mm to 600mm with different section shape and height.By changing mould shape,it can produce different PVC ceiling panel in same machine on certain scopes.

Surface treating ways of PVC ceiling panel:
1.Two colors printing
2.Hot stamping (or called trasfer printing)

Advantage of  PVC ceiling panel production line
1.Best brands,ABB inverter,Schneider eletric,RKC temperature contoller etc
2.We supply whole production line with turnkey solutions.
3.High capacity,800 to 1200 square meter in 55/110 extruder

Parameter of PVC ceiling panel extrusion machine:

Model SJSZ48/113 SZSZ55/110 SZSZ65/132
Applicable width 150 to 200mm 250-300mm 400-600mm
Extruder SJSZ48/113 SJSZ55/110 SJSZ65/132
Capacity(kg/24hours) 2200 3000-3500 4000-5000

>800m2/24hours >1200m2/24hours >1600m2/24hours

We supply whole PVC ceiling and wall panel production line which includes formula of PVC ceiling and wall panel,technical service,good after-sale service etc.
For more details,please contact with us!

Eans machine customer come from all over the world,such as Nigeria,Algeria,Uzbiekstan,Pakistan etc.
We offer best machine and best service for each customer.


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