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PVC Edge Banding Making Machine with Printing PVC Edge Banding Making Machine with Printing

PVC edge banding making machine with printing is used to produce PVC edge banding,the width of PVC edge banding can be 18mm,20mm,22mm,24mm,30mm etc.The surface of PVC edge band is treated by three colors printing and UV coating.

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  • Model: SJSZ51/105,55/110
  • Brand: Eans
  • Code: E51
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The production video of PVC edge banding making machine:

The video of PVC edge banding printing line:

PVC edge banding making machine is utilized to PVC edge band with different width,such as 20mm,22mm,24mm,30mm.By changing mold,it can produce different width and shape of PVC edge band in same machine on certian scopes.
The surface of PVC edge banding is treated by three colors printing and UV coating.
We can supply double screw extruder or single screw extruder to produce PVC edge banding according to customer demand.

Printing machine for PVC edge banding:

Formula of PVC edge banding:

PVC resin 50kg
CaCO3  powder 50kg
lead salt compounded stabilizer 2.8kg
paraffin 0.8kg
Stearic  acid 0.7kg
CPE 3.5kg
Tio2 0.8kg

Main parameter of PVC edge banding making machine:

Model Extruder  model Mould cavity
Max output(kg/h) Drive motor power(kw)
SJSZ51 SJSZ51/105 6 cavity 2200kg/day 15kw
SJSZ55 SJSZ55/110 8 cavity 3500kg/day 22kw

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Eans machinery supply whole PVC edge banding production line,from mixing part to printing part and to the final product.

1.How many days to make machine?
Normally,it is about 30 days to finish all machine when customer order.
2.What is the payment terms?
LC at sight or TT.
3.What is machine packing?
Standard packing
4.What is the guarantee?
12 months.
5.How to install machine when machine arrive?
We will arrange our techinician to customer factory for installation and teach customer`s worker how to operate the machine.

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